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What issues should I pay attention to when buying galvanized angle steel ?

What issues should I pay attention to when buying galvanized angle steel ?

Issue Time:2020/06/01

Galvanized angle steel is divided into hot-galvanized anglesteel and cold-galvanized angle steel. Hot-dip galvanized angle steel is alsocalled hot-dip galvanized angle steel or hot-dip galvanized angle steel. Coldgalvanized coatings are mainly based on electrochemical principles to ensurethat zinc powder is in full contact with the steel, and the electrode potentialdifference is generated to prevent corrosion. So what issues should be paidattention to when buying galvanized angle steel? Today, the editor of YanxinSenyu will tell you something!

1. Price. The price of galvanized angle steelis the most sensitive issue. Consumers want to buy cheap and good qualitygalvanized angle steel, but the saying "one point, one price" isapplicable to hot-dip galvanized angle steel. Sometimes we will see hot-dipgalvanized angle steel at the "cabbage price" in the market. At thistime, we can't be small and cheap. This "cabbage price" galvanizedangle steel we must be vigilant, maybe there will be fussy. It is the hot-dip galvanizedangle steel without material. The raw material angle steel is a "blackmaterial". The raw materials of the angle steel are made withoutguaranteeing the material, and then the hot-dip galvanizing process isperformed. This hot-dip galvanized angle steel can not be drilled or deformedeasily during construction, and some businesses will use cold-galvanized anglesteel as hot-dip galvanized angle steel, and cold-galvanized angle steelgalvanized Compared with the hot-dip galvanized angle steel, the thickness ofthe zinc layer is thinner than the hot-dip galvanized steel, the price ischeaper, and the corrosion resistance is shorter than the hot-dip galvanizedsteel.

2. Zinc layer. The zinc layer thicknessspecified by the country for hot-dip galvanized angle steel. There are nationaland non-standard points in the market, and the national standard price is moreexpensive than the non-standard price. Some bad businesses use non-standardNanning galvanized angle steel to pretend to be national standard hot-dipgalvanized angle steel. When we buy, it is best to use a zinc tester to measurethe zinc layer thickness.

3. Calculation method. The calculation methodof galvanized angle steel is basically calculation by calculation, weighing,and cost. There are many theoretical calculation formulas. The differencebetween the minus hot-dip galvanized angle steel is also different. The tonprice obtained is slightly different from the actual price. The ton pricecalculated by the weight calculation and support price is the most real. If youpurchase hot-dip galvanized angle steel, It is advisable to use over-pounds forlarge quantities.

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