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Square tube manufacturers introduce you to the classification of square tubes

Square tube manufacturers introduce you to the classification of square tubes

Issue Time:2020/06/18

There are many manufacturers of rectangulartube in Hebei area. Many friends can't figure out what type they need whenbuying square tube. Today, Xiaobian will explain about the classification ofsquare tube.

(1) Classification according to the shape ofthe square tube section:

广场tube section shape classificationcan be divided into two types, namely (1) simple section square tube: squaresquare tube, rectangular square tube; (2) complex section square tube: flowersquare tube, open square tube, corrugated Square tube, shaped square tube;

(2) Classification by wall thickness of squaretube

Square tube can be divided into super thicksquare rectangular tube, thick wall square rectangular tube and thin wallrectangular tube according to wall thickness classification;

(3) Classification according to square tubeproduction process

Square tube manufacturers, according to theproduction process can be divided into square tube, hot-rolled seamless squaretube, cold drawn seamless square tube, extruded seamless square tube, weldedsquare tube. The welded square tube is further divided into: 1. according tothe process points - arc welded square tube, electric resistance welded squaretube, gas welded square tube, furnace welded square tube; 2. according to weldseam - straight seam welded square tube, Spiral welded square tube;

广场tube is divided into a common carbonsteel square tube and a low alloy square tube according to the material. Thecarbon steel is divided into: Q195, Q215, Q235, SS400, 20# steel, 45# steel,etc.; low alloy steel is divided into Q345, 16Mn, Q390, ST52-3 and so on. Forexample, Q345 low alloy square tube is a low alloy series, low alloy highstrength structural steel (GB/T1591-1994). Q345A, B, C, D, E are therepresentative grades of this type of steel, of which Q345A alloy tube, Q345Balloy tube grade steel is usually called 16Mn, this material is the mostcommon; Q345 low alloy tube means: Q represents this The yield of the material,the latter 345, refers to the yield value of this material, around 345. Inaddition, Q345A, Q345B, Q345C, Q345D, Q345E, etc., are grades, which representthe difference in the temperature of the impact.

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