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What's the right way to set up the scaffold tube?

What's the right way to set up the scaffold tube?

Issue Time:2020/09/21
It seems easy to set up thescaffold tube. In fact, it is not a simple technical work. If there is a little mistake, there will be safety risks and even major safety accidents. Therefore, in order to prevent this kind of situation from happening, the editor will share some matters that must be paid attention to in the installation of the scaffold tube

1. The erection time of the external scaffold pipe of the project will be relatively long, so it must be carefully checked during the erection process. It is found that the component deformation is relatively serious, the safety protection is not complete, and the pulling connection is loose and other problems should be dealt with immediately.

2. The personnel working on thescaffold tubeshall not remove all the pull contacts of the scaffold tube and all the iron scaffold components such as the scaffold fastener binding buckle. When it is necessary to remove some components or wall connecting parts due to work needs, the willingness of the project construction director and professional technical personnel shall be obtained, and safe and reliable measures shall be taken to reinforce the structure.
3. If the personnel working on the scaffold tube find that the safety protection of the scaffold tube is not sound and the work is not convenient, they shall immediately report to the person in charge of the project construction or the decoration foreman, and the scaffolder shall immediately repair or improve it before continuing to work.

4. When working, pay attention to the removal of raw materials falling into the surface of the scaffold at any time and place, keep the surface of the scaffold neat and clean, and do not pile up raw materials and special tools, so as to prevent the safety of their own work and the death of falling objects.
5. At the end of each work, the raw materials on the surface of the scaffold shall be used up or stacked neatly to prevent falling objects from causing death.

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