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How much is a meter of steel for scaffolding?

How much is a meter of steel for scaffolding?

Issue Time:2020/10/22
Scaffolding steel pipeis a kind of construction pipe. It is mainly used for making construction site supports. What about a meter of steel for scaffolding? Xiaobian learned that generally a bundle of 91 scaffolding steel pipes, also called scaffolding pipes, scaffolding pipes. At present, the national standard scaffold pipe 3.5 has a wall thickness of 3.84 kg per meter and a thickness of 3.5 mm.

Scaffolding steel pipe specifications:48 * 2.5mm * 6m, 48 * 2.75mm * 6m, 48 * 3.0mm * 6m, 48 * 3.25mm * 6m, 48 * 3.5mm * 6m, you can calculate one meter of scaffolding steel pipe based on these data Multiple.

Red rust-proof paint scaffolding steel pipe (used in damp-proof and rust-proof coastal wet places): Some projects require green or yellow paint spraying according to the needs of the construction unit or the construction site. According to user requirements, various colors of paint-painting shelf pipes and scaffolding can be processed Steel Pipe. Hot-dip galvanized shelf pipe: Some projects have high requirements, and some are on the seashore, which is very easy to corrode and rust, so hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are also used. Our factory can produce various specifications of hot-dip galvanized shelf pipe and cold-galvanized scaffold steel pipe according to user needs.
About the more than one meter of钢管的scaffolding,Xiaobian will introduce you here. Hebei Yanxin Senyu Trading Co., Ltd. can customize various sizes of scaffolding steel pipes, special material scaffolding steel pipes for customers, prompt delivery, reasonable price, high quality, with original material books or copies, business as usual on holidays, and can be handled on behalf of Trucking, fire transportation, shipping, direct shipment from manufacturers. Customers are welcome to come to negotiate and buy!

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