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How to solve the Larsen steel sheet pile in deep foundation pits?

How to solve the Larsen steel sheet pile in deep foundation pits?

Issue Time:2020/12/09

Larson steel sheet pilerow wall, this should be used when the foundation pit is deep, the water level is relatively high, and there is no construction precipitation. Using sheet piles as the support structure can prevent soil, waterproof, and prevent quicksand. The situation happened.

支持methods for foundation pits, technical process and characteristics of Conghua steel sheet piles and cast-in-situ piles.

Process flow: survey, pay-off-installation guide-Larson steel sheet pileinstallation-foundation construction

Larson steel sheet pile removal features:

① Finished product can be used repeatedly;

② The construction is simple, but the construction is noisy;

③低圣iffness and large deformation, combined with multiple supports;

④ When it is new, the water-stop is good. If there is water leakage, waterproof measures should be added.

The enclosing structure of bored cast-in-place piles is often used in conjunction with a water-stop curtain. Generally, deep-water mixing piles are used for the water-stop curtain. It is also possible to use a high-pressure rotary spray pile water-stop curtain.

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